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Countless female soldiers have endured much over the years and today in their struggle for recognition. We have given much to be viewed as an equal, sometimes in sorrow and fear, sometimes in joy and celebration. Share your stories, good moments and bad, funny and moments of inspiration, moments or peace, moments of battle, the days of basic, the streets of Iraq and the sands of Afghanistan. Share your advice, your experiences, visions for the future, and your thoughts as other female soldiers today and in the future can prosper, learn, relate, and grow as the pathfinders in today’s military. Through your writing contributions other female soldiers will not feel isolated and for some aspire in courage, inspiration and comfort from your words. For some soldiers, a new perspective, a new outlook upon their sisters-in-arms may come from what you share. It is your magazine, it is our moment and I encourage you to take part in this project and submit your words in the form below.


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