Grey Eagles looking for a job……

I was talking with a friends the other day and we were talking about when you are not happy in the real world you go job hunting and put out resumes….well, I was challenged to do that here and see what happens. So, I am officially putting out my resume now looking for a job in the ARMY. True the Army is not known for its hiring practices, but who says you can’t put out a resume and see if anyone wants to offer you something that you love and want to do. Maybe I will start a trend. I mean in the real world, if you are not happy you put out resumes and look for something else to do…..why not here in the Army? You have to admit it is a logical thought process, although I recognize that nothing in the Army is logical and/or makes any sense. But here I go, I am going to put my resume on the site and see what happens…. You never know until you try something if it will work….so why not. Grey Eagle has never ran from a challenge yet.

To protect myself and not get into trouble let me state, I am not sending it out to other units. Just posting my qualities and assets, experiences and knowledge and see what happens.


Loyalty: All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I am not breaking either one for you.
Duty: Can walk and chew gum at the same time (multi-tasking), besides I was once in the bathroom during a mortar attack and still got the job done
Respect: You’re not the boss of me!
Selfless Service: I will, … no wait I do… work through lunch and dinner, to make sure everyone else gets to eat. Food is just a crutch…damnit where’s that brownie I stuffed into my pocket the other day
Honor: Yes, don’t believe the rumors, I still have my honor as a married woman
Integrity: What? I always tell the truth…..
Willing To Take Risks: I have discovered that Humvee’s and Hummers are not the same. The Humvee cost more, but you can actually take a Humvee 4 wheeling and not worry about the paint job
Dedication: Despite what my husband may think sometimes, I am dedicated to returning home to him and my kids… like the Army…love my family. OK, on some days I get that backwards, but give me a break I live in a sandbox
Physically Fit: Agile enough to dance on a table in six inch heels without falling off and can run faster than an insurgent carrying an RPG
Personal Courage: I once assisted in leading a convoy. Of course it was just for practice and we never left the base just drove in circles, but I was still prepared to shoot at anything that shot at me first
Determination: Clicking my heels three times together didn’t take me to Kansas or any place else I could hitch hike home from and I have gone through three pairs of boots but I keep trying
Resourceful: We have had to overcome and adapt here and be creative in adjusting to our equipment. To save money to make up for the cuts in the military budget our equipment had dual purposes For example the big treatment tent that we had to set up here doubled as a Hooters during the Clinton administration, but I make do
Sense of Humor: I once put a “Keep Off The Grass” sign outside and watched how many people stopped and look around for several minutes trying to spot the grass in the desert they were suppose to keep off of


I will always place the mission first: The first mission is my life, I have no room for a second mission.

I am proud of the NCO corps and setting an example…..just the other day an E7 showed me what I don’t want to be like…..GO Corps.

I don’t care if your push my buttons, I only have two. take your choice, bitch and mean bitch

I will never leave a fallen comrade: I can’t…..they find me everywhere I go and follow me……….aaarrrgghhhh

Please leave all perspective employment comments below.

3 Responses to “Grey Eagles looking for a job……”

  1. Mom PJ Says:

    You have exceptional qualities, especially dancing in 6″ heels…now that is a talent….I can hardly walk in them anymore…..since I discovered New Balance Running Shoes….If I had an Army I would hire you….as General in charge of everything….I am sure someone will offer you a great position….hopefully it will be flying one of those awesome birds……

  2. Steve Schalock Says:

    You have created a classic!

    Copyright it,
    market it,

    I’d hire ‘ya, if I had a place and the $$$.

    God Bless.

    SSG Schalock

  3. Momma Kat in GA Says:

    Now that’s some resume! ;-) I’m with PJ - If I had an army, I’d hire ya, LOL!

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