Adapt and Overcome

In boot camp, the one single thing I learned that stood out above all else and is something I utilize to this day is to adapt and overcome.

Adapt and Overcome.

This is such an important lesson to utilize in every one of our lives. We are constantly forced to change - whether it’s an exciting change or a traumatic one. Or even small changes we need to deal with in our daily lives. Adapting to our situation seems common sense - but, us humans seem to do everything in our power to fight it. We complain, whine, feel sorry for ourselves, and do things that make the change harder than it ever has to be.

The first step is to accept the change. Adapting means accepting and being OK with it. Not that everything is just dandy and we aren’t terrified or grieving if it’s a bad change - but, being OK with the fact that this is just the way it is.

Overcoming is the hard part - but, it gets to be routine after a while. You look around and say “well, this is where I am. It sucks, but here I am. Now, what do I have that I can utilize to get me through this and move me to the other side.” It could just be little things - camping with your kids and you are missing a vital piece of equipment - you find something to replace it and make it work instead. It may not do any where near as good of a job - but, you adapt and overcome. It’s good enough. It’s not easy. It’s anything but easy. I know - we are going through things now that have beat the ever living shit out of us. I feel like I have been completely beaten. It takes all my effort to just get out of bed every morning and move. But - there is no other choice.

Do you think the soldiers in Iraq are excitied to get up every morning and face another day of scorching heat, loneliness, fighting, war, and pain? They have learned to adapt and overcome.

Keep on keeping on….

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