Telegraphing You

Dave Clark is a new artist trying to capture the inspiration and spirit of the U.S. soldier and their families.  He has written several songs and is currently working a duel voice (male/female) ballard titled: “When Grey Eagle Soars”.  Yep, the same Grey Eagle.  Can you imagine my excitment to learn that a song was being written.  What girl doesn’t want to have a song written, even if it is about deployment to Iraq. 

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Dave Clark has sent me a recent song he has written and sung called “Telegraphing You“.  You can listen to it and see the video by clicking below.  I addition if you wish to hear other songs written and song by Dave Clark please visit his website and listen to his music

To Listen To “Telegraphing YouClick Here (it should apppear in a pop-up window)

As with other patriotic artists I encourage you to link to this song, or use the video as I will absorb the bandwith.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Let’s help him out and feel free to write him your thoughts as he moves forward to try and capture the spirit of the American soldier and their loved ones.

In the meantime I await and will post his newest release “When Grey Eagle Soars” when it is released from the recording studio.

3 Responses to “Telegraphing You”

  1. Rob Says:

    I hope that you meant either “dual” voice or duet.

    A duel, well that would certainly be different.

    “Dramatic sopranos at twenty paces.”

    My wife the trained singer in the familiy can BURY me - a duel ‘twixt her and I would be a foregone conclusion.


  2. Grey Eagle Says:

    lol… I guess the spell checker wouldn’t have caught this mistake. How funny. I can see it now “sopranos at twenty paces” that made my day…thanks. I would edit my mistake, but you made it so funny I think I am just going to keep it like it is.

    Thanks for the chuckle Rob

    Grey Eagle

  3. AirborneVet Says:

    Very cool news. This is awesome!

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