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You are going to be seeing some new and exciting changes and upgrades to the website over the next couple of weeks.  Some of the new features will include a discussion forum which everyone is invited to join, and I will be answering my email in post on the forum.  Another feature will be the addition of a female soldiers section.  I have written several female soldiers who will be posting their thoughts, articles and writing here, and if there is someone you know who would also like to contribute, please email me.  The purpose of this section is to give a broad overview of life as a female soldier (a term I use loosely and refers to all branches of service).  I think you are going to find some great reading here and I can’t wait until the first contrbutions come in.  Finally, an exciting new feature, and a huge project of my husband’s is the “husbands of female soldiers support group“.  Built into this website it will be a network that will include information, resources, contacts, articles, forum, as well as contributions and writings from other husbands as they find their way in this uncharted water.  I am very excited about all these features and the projects that we are currently involved in. 


During this upgrade time I decided to be a little more entertaining.  I am going to be posting videos (many never seen before) about life here, as well life in Iraq, and some moving and inspiring videos and slideshows about what it is to be a medic as well as the the dust-off’s (Air Ambulances & crew) in addition to some posts.  There will be a surge in posts, video’s, and photo’s.  As a result you will note a recent posts section has been added to the website.  Let’s all pray that the recent posts section remains free of tributes of our fallen soldiers.

This video comes with a warning.  The langauge on the video is raw and at times leans towards a lot of swearing.  But I know if I was filming this, I would be swearing to.  There are a handful of short pauses in the video due to the explosions, so when it pauses, don’t panic, it didn’t freeze up, that is just part of the video.  All references as to the location and time of this attack have been removed for OPSEC security reasons (but I will say there were no injuries).  Please do not write me and ask me where this was filmed at, I can’t tell you, and don’t make assumptions.  Just know you don’t get a lot of sleep on nights like this.

                                        Mortar Attack 1 Video (Flash Format)

                                                      click the link above


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