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  1. Douglas E. Hostrander MSG,RET Says:

    Great website!!!!
    More power to female soldiers.

    Rakkassan Co b 3/187th inf

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Just loved reading everything, the photos of the women that have died is so moving. I am a 28 year old Army veteran myself, who ETS’d prior to 9/11. I hurt for all who have fallen, and am so proud of all you girls out there doing what most men don’t have the balls to do!
    If I can do anything, or if you just need someone to correspond with, let me know! I pray for and support all of you! Come home safe!! America loves you!!
    Rebecca Starlin

  3. ken Says:

    god bless you young lady I hope you are safe I read about Iraq all the time and I saulte you and your fellow solders I just hope we are doing everything right over there I have sent care package to some marines but if there is anything in this crazy world I can do for you let me know

  4. Tosha Says:

    Thanks for this website and thanks for what you do!!!!

  5. Victor M. Garcia Says:

    Great website! You go girl. I am so very proud of you. I am a proud Vietnam veteran and father of three daughters. I am hoping one of my daughters will sign up. I wish all three were in uniform. God bless you.

  6. Joe Klone Says:

    I am an 82 year old retired Air Force MSgt, retired July 31. 1962. I know what it is to fight in a war. All I can say is the I pray to my God to watch over each and every one of you and return you safely to your love ones. May the good Lord Bless you all.

  7. Joseph Says:

    I think this site is great, especially the listing of the female Soldiers that have died in the war.

  8. Michael Says:

    Got your email on helping to get word out about your new URL and I’m on it. Least I can do being a former Ft. Campbell resident myself (back in the 70’s). Keep up the good work AND your sense of humor. Go get ‘em soldier.

  9. James Says:

    I have followed your blog and website for awhile now. I love your sense of humor in your posts and the way you teel your stories. I don’t think there is another blog or website out there that writes like you do. I have ot say that this however is your best website yet. You have done a SUPER job with it’s design and content

    If I were to add anything, it would be to see you post a little more often to your blog. I check it every day or two hoping to see something new, and get excited when you have posted something.

    I just visted the "fallen female soldiers" page. You did a wonderful job, very touching.

    I also saw where you added the new uniform link and viewed it. As a retired career soldier, and 101st senior NCO, I have to say, I really don’t like it. I can only pray that no soldier crawling into a position doesn’t have a patch torn off in the process and the velcro sound of having it pulled off give their position away or expose them to enemy fire. Just my opinion.

    Keep Up the Great Work

  10. JoAnn McPherson Says:

    I am humbled at what you have accomplished, especially at your age. I remember growing up watching M*A*S*H and China Beach and felt drawn to it, and when I would see a memorial or statue with a fallen soldier my spirit felt a calling. But instead I followed the norm, because the thought was women did not serve in the Army like you are doing. Instead I received a token degree in Art and gave birth to two children and play the role of housewife and mother.

    Now as I read your website and blog, and the stories in the newspaper, I have to wonder inside if I didn’t sell my dreams out. I am now to old, and have already comitted to my life, to ever know the adventure, the independence, the strength required to be a soldier. I will never have the stories, the feeling of accomplishment, and the self-confidence that you and the others have worked for.

    I gave it up because this was something for the men, the protectors of us "weak and simple minded women". I get pretty angry when I read how some people want us to go back the way it was before, and let the men go to war, while we stay home pregnant and happy.

    I have now decided to raise my 13 year old daughter differently than I was raised. To let her know that women can do so much more. To let her know the same as I do her older brother, that the Army builds character, self-confidence, and independence. The decision is hers to make, but who knows, unlike her mom, one day she may be the one who serves her country and saves a young soldiers life.

    Thank You and God Bless You for what you are doing and for paving the way for the young women of the next generation.

    JoAnn McPherson

  11. Jon C Says:

    I am very proud of the sacrfices that all of the armed forces are giving to continue to give those who have tasted Freedom. I am a former marine but i am posted in Kosovo as an Army Contractor. I have had the pleasure of serving with the one of the finest fighting forces the nation has. Let be the first to say Thank You for the things you are doing to keep us free as well as safe. Semper Fi

  12. Deb Says:

    Oh, I am so glad to find you again!!! (thanks to Mudville Gazette) I have been reading your blog for quite awhile now and enjoying it immensely! Then you were "gone"…I’m sorry to hear the why!!
    My daughter enlisted in the Army last

  13. Linda Says:


    I enjoy reading your bloggs and can totally relate. I am Army retired. It is healthy that you can keep your sense of humor during your stay there.

  14. ginny Says:

    found you thru another artical. I am very intrested in what really happens there and not the oh so sanitized stuff we get in the news .
    Former Navy girl myself. Jet mech.
    be well and keep your self safe as you can.


  15. Angelo Says:

    I just wanted to say that we appreciate what you are doing, and your website helps us understand the ups and downs of being a female soldier. I am a retired infantryman and my last assignement was with the 101st, (Alha Co., 3rd Bn, Rakkasans). Keep up the good work, and keep your head down.

  16. Rob Beightol Says:

    I enjoyed reading your "exploits". I am currently reading this from Iraq with the 3rd Armored Calvalry Regimnet. I’m also a former Screaming Eagle (twice). Keep up the good work.

  17. Harvey Says:

    Happy to have found your site again since it dissappeared in June(?) and then being gone myself the last 3 weeks. Once again, thank you for doing the rest of us what we once did ourselves in service to our nation. Remember to duck just BEFORE necessary and come back safe to your family!
    USAF Reserve ‘68-’75

  18. jeanine Says:

  19. Donna Says:

    Thanks so much for this site! My son will be deploying soon and although I dread his leaving I’m grateful to know that he is well prepared and that he and all of you are bathed in prayer daily by lots of Americans. May God be your strong tower and shelter during this storm!

  20. Brittany Says:

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. My husband is currently deployed and will be attending flight school upon his return. Your apache vidoes really put what he wants to do into perspective for me. Thanks!

  21. Dave Says:

    Great site! As soldier within 90 days of redeployment home, its nice to know there are others willing to sacrifice. Keep calm and stay low, the next thing you know it will be time to pack and go home! Good Luck and God Bless

  22. Ulf Torstensson Says:

    Full of admiration for all of you who fight in Irak. I wet my pants when thinking of who you are up against. Good Luck and may your war soon be over.

  23. P.J. Degross Says:

    One of the most amazing blogs I have read…this is a must read for me everyday…..God Bless you and keep you safe….

  24. Stacey Mong Says:

    Your website is great. Take care of each other. Praying everyday for your safe return.
    Stacey Mong

  25. Joe Mayes Says:

    Words cannont express the deep devotion and gratitude I have for all of you serving our Nation.

    May God bless and protect you all,
    MSgt Joseph L. Mayes
    USAF (Retired)

  26. Paul Baron Says:

    On this special day, November 11th, Rememberance Day, Canadians pay tribute to our fallen soldiers and comrades - those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom - not just our armed forces. We recognize the great sacrifice of those brave men and women fighting everywhere for freedom especially the good men and women of U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq.

    We all know freedom is by no means free - and I think your website shows that so poignantly. But I also think that many of us at home take freedom for granted. Its so easy. The events of 9/11 brought home the point of just how vulnerable we all are.

    So its on this day that I am conpelled to tell you that Canadians everywhere respect you guys - our great friends south of the border - for working with us to rid Talban scum in Afghanistan and for the great work you guys are doing in Iraq. Canadians and Americans don’t always agree on everything but know this - WE SUPPORT YOU!! AND WE ALWAYS WILL!!

    With Great Respect,
    P. Baron

  27. Jim Shockley Says:

    Grey Eagle :
    Please accept, and pass on to your fellow soldiers, how terriblly proud of you all we are in my house, and among my friends and aquaintances. . From my small hometown , we have had a small number of local men and women deployed to Iraq / Afghanistan so far, and none KIA or died of wounds so far , thank God . It breaks my heart to see these pictures of young women killed while defending me, and my family and our freedom. Please let the soldiers know, how much we love them and pray for them . You are our very best, doing the very hardest job you can be asked to do. Know you are in our prayers, and thoughts all the time.
    God Bless, and Thankyou -
    Jim Shockley
    Stanfordville, N.Y. (Dutchess County)

  28. Buck Maxwell Says:

    I’m ex-Army and just wanted you to know that if I weren’t so damn old and feeble, I’d volunteer to be there with you. Ignore the media and the talking heads. Real people are with you and grateful for everything you and your comrades are doing. We believe in the mission and we believe in all of you. Thank You.

  29. CB Says:

    Bless you and your good work. You are right — if I were an Iraqi, I would pray for the Americans to liberate me too.

    "The daughters of lions are lions too." — you and your sisters in arms have shown that truly.

  30. Craig Taylor Says:

    Hey Lady Eagle, First, after reading your post about the "lower than whale dung" types blocking your website, I just want to send you LOADS OF BIG’OL SOUTHERN HUGS"…….!! Ok, you can have all ya like, anytime ..! But, are you on the homepage of the 101ST AIRBORNE DIVISION ASSOCIATION..? Ifnot, being a member, I’ll post your page there and let all the "Screamin’ Eagles" read your post…!! Here’s the link to it,, Take care Eagle and always know that you are very respected and LOVED here..!

  31. Steve Briscoe Says:

    I know the media shows the news stories that makes news and oposition to the war is a good story but I can say without a doubt that that of all the people I know, there is about a 1 in 50 ratio of people who don’t feel we should be in the war. Of the ones who oppose the war, I don’t know of one who wouldn’t do anything to support our troops. This being said, don’t take any anti-war comments to reflect the views of our troops. If there is a single person who doesn’t have the 100% belief that we have the greatest military force in the world, They would not last 10 minutes in Texas. I moved here 5 years ago and the natives are serious about being the grea**t state and since I am from Oklahoma, I will always be a "Yanky" but they all are of the belief that all of our armed forces are Americans and that comes first.

  32. Howard Larson Says:

    My neighbor, when I was growing up in Wisconsin, was in the 101st during WWII. My gig was Vietnam as an engineer developing automated test routines for the RF4C avionics.

    I am proud of your generation, who still hears the call.

    I know you will do your duty. But, do maintain situational awareness. Keep your head down and eyes open.

  33. debramonahan Says:

    Wow… stumbled on your blog and didn’t know I’d end up so touched and in tears. What a great job here my dear friend. I will visit often. Bravo Zulu.

    I am an U. S. Navy vet (81-85) and although I didn’t serve during a war, I would be with you right now if they’d take my old 43 year old ass. Instead… I am home fighting liberals at every juncture. Especially when they ridicule this war, my President, and my military. Yes, my military because once you serve and it’s in your heart, it never leaves. You and all your comrades are in my heart and my prayers.

    As a mother and wife in a very military family… I am so proud of you and all the mothers over there for their bravery and sacrifice. Of course, all the fathers too.

    Do yourself a favor and pass this along. Ignore the polls at home indicating the loss of support for the war. It’s the libs and Democrats who will stoop to any level, including hurting our own national reputation to get back in power. They constantly throw out BS to discredit the President and the war and their very very liberal biased media eats it up like candy.

    They make sure to hardly ever mention the incredible and historic strides you and the Iraqi peole are making. God Bless you all. When they do nention anything good, it’s burried under the negative stories which usually BS or the exception verses the rule. They make me sick as they don’t know the harm they are doing to you and us and ultimately themselves.

    If I hear one more time about Abu Graib, Secret CIA prisons, or some scum bag terrorist getting a little rough treatment… I will puke. Those terror thugs are lucky I am not at their prison because I’d give them something to write about if they as much as looked at me wrong. But, I digress.

    Anyway… due to this disgusting liberal media and the polls (which are fixed to get the results that they want), know that almost every rational person in America does REALLY support you and your noble cause and appreciates & admires you immensely. You have our real support… not that c*** about supporting you, but not your war. It makes me crazy when they imply that military personnel are not to blame for this war because you just do what you are told as if you are brainless robots who don’t have a clue. This comes from people who would rather believe and worship Michael Moore (that fat sloppy pig) who has no war experience and is a America hater with nothing to offer positive. Then they slander our military leaders who lives have been dedicated to not only studying war, but signing on the dotted line to protect our freedom and the freedom of many around the world. The freedom of speech that these dumba** take for granted.

    They just don’t get it. I hate weak people and ultimately, that’s what they are. I call them Ostriches because they act like if you bury your head in the sand, it’ll all go away. I guess that’s where their heads were all during the 90’s when everyone ignored the international Jihad/Holy c*** War declared on us that Slick Willy and his cronies kept covering up. Yep, and in true fashion, the liberal media ignored it too because they were more interested in writing about Slicky Willy and his visits with Barbra Streisand or whatever corny, noneffective thing he was doing.

    I could go on and on, but that’s not the purpose of this post… it’s to defend your honor at home and the honor of those who have served and will serve in the future. It’s to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and know that to me and most of us… you are HERO’s and I love you all. God Bless you all.

    Debra Monahan
    Navy Vet, Navy Wife, Military Brat, Mom & Grandma

  34. Robert Ayers (Moon Monkey) Says:

    Do me a favor. First chance you get (after reading this),give one of the other gals you work with a "pat" on the back from me and a big "Thanks". And of course, a wink and a smile to you. Your my new HERO (hope your husband doesn’t mind)!

  35. Lee G Blood Says:

    You have my condolences for the people you have lost. Unfortunately, people die in war. The only consolation they or their families have is that they did not get thrown away for nothing. There are people out there who believe that the sacrifice is worth it and other people who believe it was not. This does not give the dissenters any right to disrupt your laudable intent to pay homage to your comrades. FWIW you have my support in your endeavor.

  36. Rakkasan Mom Says:

    My salute to you Grey Eagle for the sacrifice you make in serving our country. I am so proud of all the fine men and women who believe in what they are accomplishing. And although there will always be others who have opinions of difference, a forum such as this gives the opportunity for most of us who want to know the perspective of our service people. Not the half-truths of the politicians or media.
    My son proudly serves with his brothers and sisters in the 101st and this is his second year-long tour in Iraq. I know of the anquish he feels over the loss of two of his best friends and comrades from his first deployment. Yet he still believes in what he does.
    I wish you all well and pray for your safe return to your family.

  37. Doug Welch Says:

    Thanks for all that you do. I just founf thismsite and can not believe what those people did to your site. what a bunch of idiotic trolls.

  38. Byron Hood Says:

    Grey Eagle, thanks for all you do. I’m an advisory board member of a proposed national veterans’ museum, honoting all veterans of all wars, from all the services. We hope to be honoring you and your comrades soon!

  39. Thomas J Wasney Says:

    Keep up the good work of liberting the Iraqis and Afghans from tyranny.

    When your critics are shrill and irrational it is only because they are few,and have to scream loud to appear as many.They are history`s losers,destined to the garbage bin as was communism.

  40. Pat Says:

    God Bless you!

    Don’t let the slime that defaces this site detour you and your comrads from your appointed mission. Your enemies are many, including some that call themselves patroits and proclaim to "support the troops, but not the war" They are either for us, or against us, and they have chosen sides….ignore them and trust that 90% of this country support not only you, but your efforts on behalf of all of us.

    Pat Houseworth
    Air Force Vietnam Veteran

  41. Walter Marciniak, CDR,USN RET Says:

    God Bless you all. I am sorry I am not young enough to be there with you. Keep up the good work, you are appreciated beyond words.

  42. jaybear Says:

    Grey Eagle,
    Don’t get down about what the anti-troop scum did to your great website. Take comfort in the fact that there are way way more of us who are behind you and all of our great military folk than there are of them who would derail your mission. I thank you heartily for what you are doing, may God Bless you and get you home to your family soon. Stay the course….we have your six.

  43. K. Geralds Says:

    God Bless you and all our military. I’m humbled by your sacrifice and can’t possibly express my sense of debt to you. I’m ashamed that my fellow citizens are attacking you and your efforts.

  44. Sam Propes Says:

    I thank all of you for your service and sacrifice.
    US Army ‘63-’65

  45. John Morrisette Says:

    God bless all of you and God bless the United States of America. We will prevail!

    John Morrisette, Major, US Army (Retired)

  46. Debra Holloman Says:

    Don’t ever let the disruptive efforts of a few overshadow the support of so many. Please pass on the well wishes from us here stateside that support all you do as active duty military.
    As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches please know that the Holloman family will first give thanks to all of you for the freedoms that some of us take for granted. We will give thanks for the sacrifices that all of you are making so that we have the ability to sit with our families on thanksgiving day and verbalize those thoughts without fear.
    You may be far from home (all of you) but you are close in thought and always loved by those who hold freedom dear.
    Stay safe and keep letting us know the truth.

  47. Mike Vengrow Says:

    Thank you for putting your life on the line to keep our country free. Your are an inspiration to myself, and to others who love freedom. Bless you.

    The least those at home can do for our hero’s overseas is to keep fighting the war of ideas against those who are misguided or evil. And you can rest assured that this American will be steadfast in that obligation, and that you are an inspiration to me.

    Semper Fi!!!

  48. Robert A. Gismondi Says:

    Good luck and G*d Bless all the troops. You are the finest.

    Old Civilian, army reservist,


  49. John E. Knight Says:

    God Bless all of you for what you are doing. I know it doesn’t seem like it but the people of this country support what you are doing. You will hear a lot of nonsense from the failed Media because they have a childish inability to admit they were wrong about Iraq in 2003. The proof is in the pudding. Despite a full scale PR campaign the US House voted 430-3 against pulling out of Iraq. IF there was really all the supposed support for the Democrat Iraq spin lies, that vote would NOT of been that lop sided. In the aftermath of 9-11 the line was drawn straight and clear for all to see. Unfortunately, some professional Politicians are trying to play games with US National Security. We will be sending them the same message in Nov 2006, we sent them in 2002 and 2004. Thank you for all you are doing. Thank you for all the sacrifices you are making. Don’t worry about what is happening back here, just take care of your job there and STAY SAFE. , WE will take care of our share of the job here at home. We got your backs.

  50. frank cowley Says:


    Your site popping up all over other blog sites. Yours now added to my daily read. It’s a great site and glad I was pointed to it. As Thanksgiving fast approaches, you and all the servicewomen and servicemen guaranteering our freedoms are in the thoughts and prayers and thanks of untold millions of your fellow countrymen, including this old vietnam vet.

    do your best over there and stay safe.

  51. Jim Daly Says:

    It is said "to those who have fought for freedom, freedom tastes sweeter". I hope it does. I will never know that taste as I never served and at my age, probably never will. I have the utmost respect and adoration for all of you in uniform putting your lives on the line for my sons. I hope my boys will be as fortunate as me, but if they feel called to serve, I will be as proud of them as I am of you.

    I love you all and pray for your safety. There’s a lot of negative coverage of our efforts in Iraq, but I don’t believe it (nor does anybody I know). Don’t believe the hype.

    I’ve got your back over here. Thanks for watching mine over there. Do good. Be safe. When you get home, the first round is on me.

    God bless.


  52. Lisa Zottola Says:

    It breaks my heart to think that the freedom of speech given to Americans by you, the soldier on the ground fighting, is being used against the military. I am a mother of three young boys and I thank God every day for the brave men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanastan. Don’t listen to the cindy sheehans of this world. They would welcome our enemies into their home before they would welcome our soldiers. Those hippies are still fighting Vietnam. Just know that there are MILLIONS of Americans that disagree with cindy sheehan! We are so proud of the work that the troops are doing and this year My Thanksgiving is going to be about hope and pride for our Armed forces! God bless you all! AMERICA SUPPORTS YOU!

  53. David Deerwester Says:

    This Thanksgiving, I will be saying a special prayer of thanks for all of you brave men and women who are fighting for freedom around the world. Please be assured that those on TV who oppose you so vocally are just a small, loud minority back home. The vast majority of us are behind you 100%. In fact, those Representatives in the House who had called for our withdrawal from Iraq, when asked to back up their talk with a vote, voted overwhelmingly (403-3) to stay the course. God bless you all!

  54. mo Says:

    Hi soldier

    I just saw your site and will visit often to support you and all the other soldiers in Irak and other places in the world. I think you are doing a hell of a job to give people freedom.

    I know that as long as I see that you are in Irak I know that we all are safe if something should happen here i Europa, as it very well can.

    It is sad that Europas people are so afraid to deal with terror and I am sad that you allways have to bring it back to normal when we screw it up.

    Do not believe the media who says that we hate you, we do not.

  55. Larry Olsen Says:

    Thanks for your service to our country. Merry Christman and the best New Yeat yet.

  56. Mary Says:

    THANK YOU for your service!! You have helped to liberate 25 million people - WOW! We pray for you every day. You are awesome.

  57. llevrok Says:

    Many thanks for keeping my free "six" free. So many America**upport the troops and the job you all are doing. Our Neo-Communests in Washington and the national media do not. Please do not be discouraged. There are tons a yellow ribbons on car bumpers - but only a few Kerry / Edwards stickers around.

    We are with you, soldier!!

  58. Linda Besink Says:

    Thank you for serving our country and being our only line of defense. Every American (and really people around the world) owe you more than we can ever begin to express. God Bless You and every Troop, Vet, and their families.

  59. SFC Chairborne Says:

    Great site, as a former Screaming Eagle I enjoy reading about my fellow Soldiers in the 101st. God bless you all and good luck with the latest deployment.

  60. 67R Says:

    Great Website. I was stationed at Campbell with 8/101 Avn and had the fair share of deployments. I’m very proud to have served with the only Air Assault Division in the world, and anybody that wears "Old Abe" should be equally proud. Keep up the outstanding work over there and know that you all are supported on the civie side of the house. Godspeed to you and your team. Heavy Attack!

  61. Chris "Stumpy" Cook Says:

    My prayers are with you over there. I went to the sandbox back in 1991 with the Marines and I am the proud Husband of a Soldier. Stay safe and kick butt. Other that the few aging hippies that can’t accept that the sixties are over, We are very proud of all of you from a one legged Marine

  62. Ruthy Says:

    I’m so proud of you, Grey Eagle, and forever in your debt for your sacrifice and courage.

    Ignore those who forget that freedom isn’t free.

    Thanks and may God bless and protect you!


  63. Tom Y Says:

    As retired military and one of the truck drivers that deleivers to FTC,KY every week, I pray each of you remains safe. Be careful and come back soon, all of you.

    Peace, WC

  64. Mike Says:

    Thank you for your service and the sacrifices of your comrades in arms. You are the heart and soul of America. The wonder of your character can be no better illustrated than the protection our soldiers afford even to the garbage that tried to stop your message. God Bless!

  65. Jacques aka Y-2-Dray Says:

    Hello… I heard about your plight through the Rott and would like to offer you my support.

    You have, I my opinion, one of the best milblogs in cyberspace. Your tribute to the fallen female soldiers really touched me and I felt hurt and outraged about the hacker attack that occurred. Hopefully this should not happen again.

    As someone who is serving in Canada’s Navy, I can appreciate the hard work that is required to get the job done. All the best of luck in your deployment - I can see that it is a tough one to carry out.

    Oh… and Happy Thanksgiving!

  66. Norman Alexander Says:

    My family and I are so very proud of your service to our nation. Don’t worry about the screaming Lamestream Media, they are no longer relevant. Most of us feel much differently about our troops and their work. We support the troops and their mission.

  67. Pat Says:

    Thank you for your service to our country! We love you, and God Bless You!

  68. The Casale's Says:

    We love you and thank you for making our children�s future safe and terror free!
    God Bless you and your family.

  69. Theresa, MSgt (ret) Says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks and continued support to all my brother and sisters in arms. You continue to amaze and humble with your acts of heroism and compassion under extreme circumstances. Take care, stay safe, and God Bless you all.

  70. Patricia Pellom Says:

    I am so glad I found this site! I have bookmarked it and will check it daily. Thank you so much for your service to our country. I put up with Liberals who don’t get it every day on a web site I belong to, but I tell them not to worry, you are protecting them, also.
    Happy Thanksgiving and my prayers are with you, always.
    We love you all!

  71. Brian M. Says:

    Great Blog site. I enjoy reading your messages and think your site is a great tribute to fallen comrades in arms. Understand that you are fighting for the very essence of freedom and what the USA stands for. Thank you for your service to your country, thanks and prayers for the unfortunate US and Iraqi service members and civilians that have given the ultimate sacrifice in our quest for freedom and a just way of life. God Bless you all.

  72. Erin Valentine Says:

    Please know that American media is much like the media in the other countries - dominated by a confused group of liberal elites who have become irrational in their hatred for our President. Their own displaced anger ca** them to rant about the war, and they give the MISTAKEN impression that most of America no longer supports you and the other American troops. They just couldn’t be more wrong. The majority of us still support you. We are proud of your sacrifices and know absolutely that you are the truest of American heroes.

  73. John Neiser Says:

    As a 12 year vet of the USAF, I wish you nothing but the best. Take care and stay safe.

  74. EricR Says:

    Thanks for your work!

    Hope getting the new site doesn’t become to big of a deal and all goes well in that regard.

    Don’t let the punks get you down!

    Thanks again!


  75. Craig Taylor Says:

    Hey SCREAMIN’ EAGLES, a VERY Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and to all that fight for not only US, but to bring freedom to the Ipaqi people. I want you to know, that tomorrow, I will be eatting an MRE instead of "what everyone else will have"…! I fell that as long as you will have to, I will too….BUT, I will down a brew(or 12..!) for you.!

    You know that the "polls" that you hear about from over here, aren’t the hearts and minds of the American people, you know that the real pulse of America is 90% with you and the other 10%….well… you know what they stand for…!

    With the best for all of you

    Craig Taylor & family

  76. Seth A. Foster Says:

    Thank you from my heart, I wish I could recycle 40 years of my life and be there.

    I believe there are those of us, educated and the not-so-educated that
    have compromised with an evil.
    The act of consuming the camel dung, the dogma of a so-called sanctified
    philosophy, an agenda of a balkanization, this creation a choreography that
    gives life a thrilling dance, a race, a certain death with an exotic purpose, much
    like playing with an all purpose bomb or Easter Island Syndrome.
    Islam is a one way agenda, created by a psychopath that said he talks for
    god and that He blessed an agenda of terrorism and with the ultimate high
    for the growing ma** of illiterate Muslims,
    The Power of Sanctified Hate.
    I’m sure there is an old history story of how Genghis Khan defeated "Iraq" perhaps a model if we are to win this war.
    Best wishes, Seth

  77. Lisa Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Just to let you know that Canadian’s are supportive and proud of all that you are doing in Iraq & Afganistan. I am forever thankfull for all that the Americians, Canadians and all the other coalition forces are doing in the Middle East.

  78. Donavan Seay Says:

    Great Web site. Thank you to you and your fellow Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Coast Guard personnel for all you do to keep us safe.

  79. Dean & Kathleen Westlake Says:

    God bless you Charlie Company, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Know that the majority of us are behind you and pray that you will all come home safely after duty, honor and country.

    God bless you and keep each and everyone of you on this Thanksgiving Day, 2005.

    Hey, it’s -20 below zero (F) here at the moment, great weather!

  80. Chris Wickern Says:

    Thank You!

    Know that every step you take in good company. The Veterans of 10 years ago, 20 years ago, from Korea, and those remaining from WWII walk with you. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Know that you will never be alone. The spirit of America’s fighting forces, their selfless service from Bunker Hill and the shot heard around the world through today are with you.

    Good Bless and Keep You,


  81. SFC Johnny Thompson Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and Godspeed to you all. I love each and every one of you. It takes a special person to stand up and do what most others won’t even consider. You are my Brothers and Sisters in Arms.

    God Bless You All,

    SFC Thompson

  82. Bruce Zimmerman Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and we thank you for your sacrifices. God bless you all.

    Bruce and Deb Zimmerman

  83. Greg Saunto Says:

    My wife and I are both former Combat Medics. My son currently serves with the 3rd ID, 26 FSB as a Combat Medic. My daughter starts basic on January 2 and you guessed it off to Combat Medic school.

    Take care and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  84. Tom Karras Says:

    My prayers are with you all every night. Your fight is not just for us but for all of Western Civilization. I honor you.
    Tom Karras

  85. Michael and Deborah Eastes Says:

    We are both former Army medics and our son is one now. We know that it’s a tough job, even in peacetime. Thank God that there are still people like you who are willing to stand up for your country and for the betterment of a nation far away.

    Thank you, Grey Eagle, and all of your teammates for the good work you are doing on our behalf. You are in our prayers every day

  86. Gerry Says:

    Great site, thank you! My son is a medic with C Co. 1-187, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne in Iraq. My soon-to-be-wife is in the Army NG, currenty in OSUT with the 787th MP BN, Ft. Leonard Wood. I am former Army medical corps. I guess we all gave some and are still giving!

  87. CPT Chris Galloway Says:

    Hey Eagle! Check out the website to see the "tolerant" "open-minded" useful idiots on parade.

    Don’t let these people who attack you or hack your website get you down. You do an outstanding job both for your unit and getting the Soldier’s story out.

    Never give and inch of ground, never give up, and always maintain your motivation! Take care, be carefull, and look out for each other over there. The "silenced" majority, who just can’t seem to get media play for some odd reason, support us fully, just as we support and defend them.

  88. Wynter Charlesworth Says:

    I am married to a soldier who is in the medics course for special forces. It’s my birthday today and I want to say thank you to each and evey soldier who puts their life on the line for my freedom. That is the best present a girl could get! Stay safe and return soon.
    Thank you

  89. David Hampton Says:

    Great site! It is part of my morning read. Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your fellow troopers!

  90. Neal Says:

    Thank you and god bless you all

  91. Bridget Skillman Says:

    Dear Military Men and Women,

    I am a grateful American and I want to say:

    I am in awe of the sacrifice that you choose to make for our country.

    I am indebted to your families who allow you to serve us even when it means time away from them, constant fear and worry, and maybe even giving your life.

    I am grateful that there are heroic people like you who are willing to fight to keep us free. True heroes are few and far between these days.

    I am appreciative that brave men and women will risk their own lives to keep us safe.

    I am amazed at the discipline and self control that you have developed in order to be the best soldier you can be.

    I am proud when I see you - whether it be on the street or on TV - because I know we are in such capable hands.

    I am confident that we have the best military in the world. I will always trust you to defend us, and I in turn will always defend you.

    I am humbled when I remember that you do these things for me - a person whom you don�t even know.

    I am heartbroken when one of you is wounded or killed in battle - your ultimate sacrifice should never be forgotten. Even one lost soldier is too many.

    I am outraged when I see and hear protestors speak out against you - they are uninformed cowards who only have that right because you fight for it.

    I am touched that even in the heat of battle, your compassion shines through. You are a warrior fighting for a just cause, but you have a tender heart that reaches out to your fellow soldiers and the innocent civilians who get caught in the middle.

    I am impressed by your courage, strength and skill. You are the true heroes and role models for our children.

    I am inspired by your selflessness. We remain free because you are willing to fight for it.

    I am convinced that we will go down in history as a GREAT generation because of you.

    I pray for you and your families every single day - May God keep you safe.

    There are no words adequate to say what I feel, so I will say the only ones I can -
    Thank You!

    Bridget Skillman
    532 Franesi Way
    Sacramento, CA 95838
    (916) 929-5319

  92. Gerald Allum Says:

    My son is a Rakkasan medic with Task Force Band of Brothers. Even though I am a veteran, I am ambivalent about war as we all should be and as any parent must be, but when I question his decision to become a soldier, I read this quote:

    War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. John Stuart Mill
    English economist & philosopher (1806 - 1873)

    Love you, Brandon!

  93. SFC Charlie Brown Says:

    Hi, I spent a year over in Iraq in 2003 with the 363rd Military Police Company running convoys from Camp Anaconda to Scania and back every day. Stay safe. You are the most important person, remember that, and remember what you have at home. My advice, always be aware of your surroundings, keep your self alive first, you can’t help anyone if you go down your self. And the most important thing, don’t trust any of them and I mean any of them. Don’t hate them just don’t trust them. So you’re a medic, my favorite people. I’m an MP. Feel free to write me any time. Again stay safe and God Speed.

  94. Monique Johnson (PFC Johnson) Says:


  95. SGT Destiny Creel Says:

    Just want to say that I love your site and find myself checking once or twice a day. Thank you for brining to light that women are also combat veterans and that we deal with the same day to day troubles as our brother counterparts.

  96. Mel Horton Says:

    Thank you all for your devotion and service.

  97. Robert Malsey Says:

    Thank you and all of our soldiers, marines and sailors for serving. God bless you all and keep you safe.

  98. Greg Mason Says:

    We support YOU (and yours). Freedom isn’t free.

  99. Steve Henthorn Says:

    Thank You. BOOMER SOONER.

  100. Marie Gilman Says:


  101. Doc Laura Hedien Says:

    God bless you and everyone over there and your families.
    Be safe and have a good holiday season….
    HM1 (FMF/PJ) Laura Hedien
    Marine Air Control Group 48, GreaT Lakes, IL

  102. Laurie Hintz Says:

    A million thanks to you and all your Brothers In Arms! Happy Holidays & may you all remain safe!

  103. Teresa Says:

    Thank you for your service to our country. You and your fellow soldiers are doing a job that MOST of us COULD NOT do. I only enjoy the freedoms I have today due to the soldiers that serve and have served our country. God Bless All of You.

  104. Mike White, USA, MAJ (RET) Says:

    Grey Eagle,

    I cannot describe the pride I have in you and all of those who have served tthere or are aerving there now, including my baby brother (VT ARNG. He’s not all that far from your general location. To be a part of such historic events is a once in a lifetime possibility for anyone. You all humble me, invigorate me, thrill me, and encourage me with your attitudes and achievements. If most of our society could simply siphon from what makes you all tick, the possibilities for growth and betterment would confound the rest of the world more then we already do. I absolutely love this site and your intent. Those who find it necessary to tear it and you down haven’t the slightest clue. Hold your head high with pride and honor, as I know you already do, and know that we are with you in spirit, in mind, and in our very souls! Drive on soldier and rock on!!!!!

  105. Mike Clauson Says:

    To all who are there while I am safely here. THANK YOU for each and every day. My wife, daughter and I are safer today than we were yesterday because of your brave actions and perseverance. I wish you all a safe return from your mission and a little time each day to breathe easy. Every person I know is reminded every day to support our troops and be eternally grateful for the little things that we have taken for granted here in the states because of actions of our soldiers, Marines, and airmen.

    Thank you once again.

    Merry Christmas from Spokane, WA


  106. Bob Calvert Says:

    Thank you for your service. Between you and my son n law who has been in Iraq all year and our over 150,000 men and women… we are all safer. And over 11 million Iraqi’s got to vote last week. This would not have happened without all of you.
    Be Safe Stay Alert
    Merry Christmas
    Bob Calvert

  107. Julie Hicks Says:

    Grey Eagle,

    Thanks for this wonderful web site. I heard about milbloggers on the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday. That’s where I found your web site. My daughter is deployed in Iraq. She is 20 yrs. old. She arived in Iraq last April. This web site helps me feel more connected to her experiences in Iraq. Keep up the good work! Stay safe! Julie

  108. Dean & Kathleen Westlake Says:

    Gray Eagle; Keep up the great work over there and may God Bless you and every person wearing the Stars and Bars everywhere in the world.

    Keep the faith Sister.

  109. LTC Ed Guerrero, USA, Retired Says:

    God keep you and your fellow soldiers safe. Words cannot describe the gratitude that I have for your sacrifice. You know that we all love and pray for you and your fellow soldiers every day. Thanks for your blog. It truly is a window to your world.

  110. Chaplain (Major)Bill McCoy Says:

    Grey Eagle, fantastic website. Good presentation and excellent information. You’re a credit to your unit. Plus you provide a terrific glimpse into the life of an Army Medic deployed to OIF. I deployed for 16 months with 1AD in 2003. I understand the "grind" but know too that getting your battle rhythm and sustaining your inner self will certainly help you in the long term. For medics I have a special pride and appreciation since I worked closely with an FST while there. All 3 of my children are in the military, one SSG in the AF Spec Opns (currently in theater), one CPT in the Marines (departing this week for theater, 3rd tour)and one daughter an E5 in the Coast Guard. You have my respect and prayers. Feel free to write–I’ll respond. God’s Peace to you and you team.

  111. Nancy Lane Says:

    Thank you to all service men and women. You do a wonderful service for this country.
    Keep letting us know how we can help at "home".

  112. PO1 (ret) R G Mcalpine Says:

    What A Fantastic site. I think every american should see it. I am a Viet Nam Veteran. My Father was an Army Combat Medic in WWII. My Mother was an Army Nurse.
    Forget the quibbling of the politicians. They screwed up Viet Nam.
    We are very proud of what you are doing. It is important that we finish the mission.
    America is behind you. Its just a few crying whining radicals that aren’t.
    God Bless you all.

  113. Teresa Keesler Says:

    keep up the good work. My son is with the 101st 3rd Brid. Was home for holidays and just went back. Our thoughts are with all of you.

  114. SGT. DENIS SECKER, Retd. Says:

    As a retired Royal marine of 27 years I find that I am impressed with you girls. If you’ve got the ‘Balls’ to be there you’ve got the ‘Balls’ to do the job and don’t let anyone tell you differeant. Good luck and keep you’re heads down.

  115. Carola Twyman Says:

    Great Site, my son is with the 101st 2/502. My prayers and love goes out to all of you.

  116. Les Baptiste Says:

    Hi, great website!! you are so brave for being there. I have great respect for you and your comrades. Praying you keep safe and come home soon. :clap

  117. Jenny aka Becks Says:

    Ello grey eagle,
    I haven`t had the chance to look at all your site, but what i have seen i was very impressed.
    I will confess, i have been known to jump on my soap box and preach about how wrong the governments are about the conflict in Iraq, but i must say reading some of your comments and also the words of your comrades has made me think hard about my beliefs.My heart goes out to all of you, wishing you all a safe return, i do now believe that one day Iraq will be free, and also you and your brothers in arms would have been the key factor with this issue. If there is any comfort this is one girl you have made a believer out of. Keep up the good work,and next time im on my soapbox i will be playing a different tune lol…


    PS: i hope you dont mind i have linked your site to my own,i hope this is ok,also if there is any one in your part of the world that wants to chat to our part of the world, drop me a line im always here.

  118. Annette Ruhmann Says:

    There is not a whole lot I can do from Home but pray for your safe return. And thank you for doing what you do.
    My prayers are with you.

  119. Clive Says:

    great site - insurgent videos awesome and show wot its all about and wot u have to put up with - more please - stay safe

  120. Renita Sadowski Says:

    I must say this website sure does give you an insight on ones life in Iraq. I have a son with the 101st 1/502 2bct (aa). this site gives a better picture of what he must be going thru.

    Thank you

  121. Sgt Lori Fields Says:

    Hoohah Grey Eagle! Love the site. I hope to be in the sandbox soon.

  122. Doug Welch Says:

    Great site. I have put it in my blogroll.

    I want to thank you for all that yu do. Keep up the good work.

  123. Joseph F. Wing Says:

    Great web site- well done


    J. Wing
    5th Special Forces Group, Viet Nam

  124. Kibby Says:

    Grey Eagle,

    Thank you for your site. It’s so much better to read about Iraq from a soldier’s standpoint than to rely on the news at home (yes, even for a liberal like me). It only increases my appreciation for what all of you are doing over there. It hurts to read of every soldier’s death, but no matter what politics lie behind putting soldiers in harm’s way, no soldier who dies or is injured serving our country has suffered or died in vain. No matter what their political persuasion, I hope Americans nowadays appreciate the sacrifices that all of you make for us.

    You are all my heroes. I wish you all the best - stay as safe as you can out there. You are daily in my thoughts and prayers.

  125. Clyde J. Standley Says:

    Grey Eagle: All I can say is Thanks!!
    Your website is great. Hope your time permits more. Your sacrifice is
    greatly appreciated and your attitude is outstanding in a trying
    situation. Although we think we know how difficult it must be, we really don’t. Although we
    have never met, I am extremely proud of you and your fellow soldiers.
    Again, THANKS!!


  126. Esther Lyn Says:

    I am in awe! I do not know what to say, except “thank you”.

    I am proud of you and our US Soldiers making the utlimate sacrifice!
    I am also proud that you are a woman, capable of raising a family
    and more than strong enough to be a US Soldier. It just goes to show
    that a woman can do anything she sets her mind to.

    Stay strong, be safe and know that all of you are in my prayers.

    Esther Lyn

    PS Nil Illegitimus Carborundum (never let the bastards get you down)

  127. SSG Sarah Hasdorff Says:

    I have just run across your website, thanks to the Army Times. I understand how you feel. I have recently redeployed
    back to the states having just spent 12 month in Balad Iraq. I am a single mom of two children.

    I think this site is great, just so that others may see that we women are being put into harms way
    and that we are defending a country that we love! I am VERY proud of being an American Soldier!!!!

    God bless ALL of our Soldiers!!!

    18th AVN BDE - Ft.Bragg NC

  128. Lissa Coronado Says:

    As a mother of five daughters and a husband with no military
    background; this is the best website that I have come accross.
    Got to give it to the Army Times for letting me know that someone
    had the same concerns my husband has. Thanks.

    SFC Coronado, Lissa
    823rd CRC
    Indianapolis, IN

  129. Arthur Ring Says:

    Great web site. Great job your doing. Keep up the good work. Stay safe and keep your head down.

    The story about Michael Burghard was very inspiring. I hope you dont mind, but I added it to my blog with a link to yours.

  130. FLETCH Says:

    Great Website!! Good luck and Godspeed…
    Take care,
    SSGT Hamilton K. “FLETCH” Fletcher
    RAVEN 346
    USAF Security Forces Phoenix Raven

  131. 1SG (R) Gene Giltner Says:

    Thanks for the site. If you need anything just ask. But be careful
    what you ask for the last person asked for crayons to help the school in thier area of operations and we sent 3600 pound of them. Another lesson that you will leart
    learn. Officers will say where to plant the flag it will be you
    sergeants that get the flag planted.

    You and the rest of the next generation of American heroes are in my
    prays everyday.

    Soldier ON!

  132. phil newton Says:

    great website, and keep em rolling
    A/377th rocket raiders

  133. OC Brian Duchesne Says:

    A big HOOAH to you and all women serving in our great Country’s military. I am a member
    of the National Guard and the husband of an active duty ARMY nurse.
    She is preparing for her first deployment, while I stay behind to finish
    my OCS training. This website is an outstanding tribute to our service women, and others should
    take note and give recognition where it is due.

    Drive on!

    OC Duchesne

  134. Mike Lawhorn Says:

    Your site is amazing. If there’s anything I can do for you don’t hesitate to ask.
    The pictures and the stories show that it’s real people making a difference
    You’re doing great work…keep it up and stay safe!


    Major Mike Lawhorn

  135. D Caldwell Says:

    Much respect.

  136. Warthog555 Says:

    As they say here in California, “Awesome”!!! You really are an inspiration. Wishing you and yours all the best. God Bless You and Your Family, Thank You!

  137. Rebecca Dickie Says:

    Grey Eagle,
    Thanks for all you do and to your husband too for supporting you and
    helping you out with the site. Our daughter is a combat medic with the
    101st too. Camp Stryker 2BCT 526 BSB. We’re proud of and believe in
    all of you over there and pray for all of your safe return soon. It’s hard
    when communication is blacked out for a casualty or your soldier is out
    on a mission and you can’t talk to them, this site helps to be able to
    read what it’s like.

    Grateful Mom of PFC Dickie.
    Stay safe and keep up the good work.

    Farmington, NH

  138. Brian Smith Says:

    I happened upon this site while researching information on the death of one of my son’s school friends:Caesar and my sons were friends from elementary school. This is an extremely well-done site and I find it amazing you can do your job and keep this up to date! Thank you for your service and may the Lord keep you and your charges safe.

  139. Diane Ahern Says:

    Grey Eagle, Thanks for all you and your husband do. Happy Birthday! I especially enjoy looking at the photos. I’m proud of you and all the soldiers, including my own medic, Brian.

  140. Frank Says:

    Grey Eagle,

    You’ve done a outstanding job on this site.

    You and your compatriots make us all proud. Get home safe and sound.

    J Frank La Due
    Saigon Support Command (68-69)

  141. jerry Says:

    Thank you and all who are over there fighting for freedom - not just theirs but ours also.
    Too many have forgotten that they crashed planes into our buildings - on our soil! I have
    all the respect in the world for you and all who have answered the call. I will tell you
    a story about how much your site has affected me.

    I have an 11 yr old son who loves the Army. He constantly looks at the pictures I took while
    I was in (91-96 active, 11B20, 96-97 National Guard). One day while asking questions he says,
    “Dad,why aren’t you in the Army fighting this war?”. I told him I had “done my time”. I just
    about choked on those words - I thought to myself - what kind of man would want to convey that
    type of message to his son?

    I enlisted back into the National Guard the next day. I told my son that sometimes in life
    decisions aren’t easy to make, but the right ones need to be made no matter what.

    God bless you all and happy valentines day. My wife gave me permission to tell you and the
    other ladies in your photos that you all are beautiful! Happy VAlentines Day!

    Stay safe,


  142. SGT Frank Snapp Says:

    I googled a fallen friends name and it brought me to your website among others. Anthony C. Owens
    was one of my soldiers. he was a great soldier with a bright future. He was my friend. I will miss him
    always. Thank you for honoring him. Your boys miss you Owens. You will always be a Wardog, an
    Outlaw, D Co 1-502d INF, 101st ABN DIV (AASLT).

  143. Jean Lee and family Says:

    Hey all. I am so proud of all of you men and women. I thank God that you are there fighting
    for our rights to be FREE. I pray every night for you all, that you are safe and healthy. I
    dont have the right words to express how I Love you all for what you do. I am a
    mom of 3, I am a ARMY bratt my dad was a vet of 3 wars, he was MIA for 6 months in Vietnam but
    God brought him home to us. This is a great site. ALL OF OUR LOVE AND SUPPORT from the
    Lee family of California
    David Lee Jr(dad)
    Jean Lee(mom)
    Christian 13
    Benjamin 11
    Hannah 7

  144. Bob Ray Says:

    Just a brief hello and thank you for your work. I really like your blog, particularly the memorials to those that have fallen. People should never forget that real people fight for our freedom. All give, but some give all.

    Thank You.

  145. CPT Michelle R. Wylie (aka LT Clausen) Says:

    Sgt Wilkinson,
    I love your site. We check it out often in the TOC. I can appreciate everything you are saying, for obvious reasons. Don’t stop writing…whatever you do. This is what keeps us strong, and our comrades memories alive. OK. Keep up the good work.

    CPT Wylie

  146. Dan Smith Says:

    Great website - thanks for what you are doing both on the site and out in the sandbox. As an ex-USAF memed
    medic serving at the time of the first Gulf War, alot of memories were reawakened by what you
    have written and also by the photos. Keep strong and may God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Dan

  147. RODOLO TORRES Says:


  148. Tommy, June, & Rolf Sherman Says:

    All of us appreciate your sacrifices. I personally know of no one that does not support your mission and/or each and every one of you. God’s speed.
    Tommy, June, and Rolf Sherman

  149. Dennis Says:

    I haven’t had time to read it all. However I’ve shared it with everyone I know…. I would prefer to hear it directly from someone such as yourself than to rely on third party such as the news media…. We are proud of each of you and appreciate your dedication…. God Be With You All…

  150. BILL Says:


  151. Diana Deniston Says:

    This is an incredible website and you should “take a bow” for all the hard work
    you’ve put into it!! I’ve been following your site for about 5 months now since
    my son deployed (101st 2/327th) ….. it helps me feel a bit connected to him.

    Thank you for your service and God Bless You All.

  152. KeeKee Says:

    from a veteran soldier girl - you rock! keep up the great work and I think of my friends and everyone else out there every day and night keeping watch so my babies can sleep safely at night. I have lost good friends - and I seem to keep losing more. I read your blog with tears in my eyes - but, in a good way. - military grrrl

  153. NPs Save Lives Says:

    What an honor to meet someone who stands up for what is right in this world. My husband at and I completely appreciate everything you do to keep this world safe. Thanks so much for all you do!!
    Thanks again from and

  154. John D. Ellison Says:

    Thank You ALL for making this world a better place for my Grandchildren to live in.

  155. Wendy & Barry Jones Says:

    You have a wonderful site. I will keep you all
    in my prayers. We are so very proud of each and
    every one of you. Please keep safe. God Bless
    You All. Love & Hugs, Wendy & Barry Jones

  156. Errol Shriner Says:

    I vistied your site after reading an article in the Indianapolis Star Newspaper “Words,WAR & The Web”. It lead me to your site.
    I have the deepest respect for all who have joined the services. My nephew was over their and it puts another meaning on Family
    when you have someone in harms way. Thank all of your for the job you do to protect this great country. Your web site is super and
    I will send it on to others.
    God Bless all of you.

    Errol Shriner

  157. Dan Reck Says:

    Great website. found through an article in the Columbus, Oh newspaper. Thanks for the great job you are doing. We pray and support you all in harms way every day. My time was in 1965-1969 US Air Force, crew chief KC 135’s. Stay safe and Thank you all for the job you you do. God Bless all.

  158. mike Says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much your website keeps the war on terror in the front of our eyes. To see the fallen and read the words of the soldiers in combat is very touching. The persian gulf area has been a sore spot for over 20 years and we eventually would have out troops on the ground over there. God Speed on a safe mission and come home safe.

  159. Cory Says:

    I would like to say GOD BLESS YOU and THANK YOU.
    I’ll pray for you, so that you will come home safe.
    Stay safe and keep up the good work.

  160. Jim MacDougall Says:

    Great site!! I wish you and yours a hearty thanks for all you are doing in Iraq, you are to be commended for all your efforts. Please stay out of harms way and God Bless you and everyone who is in Iraq and Pakistan. Thanks so much a wonderful site!!!!!

  161. steve Says:

    thanks for doing a great job and keeping us safe. come home real soon.

  162. Nancy D. Says:

    I am deeply touched by this amazing website.
    I am thankful for all of you. You have given the ultimate sacrafice
    for me and my family… people whom you have never met. I ad admire
    everything you do for all us back here. God Bless and wishing you a
    safe return.

    Nancy from New Hampshire,USA

  163. Ray Blackwell Says:

    May God bless all of you, watch your 6 and come home safe and in one
    piece. I wish I were still young enough to join all of you over there!
    This American is proud of you!

  164. Gerald Underhill Says:

    God Bless and and wishing all a safe return to the Country that you
    are fighting for!!

  165. John R. Hunt Says:

    Nice website, I enjoyed it…….

  166. Jim Shelly Says:

    I just read your story in the “USA Weekend” magazine that came in the Sunday newspaper.
    While enjoying my morning coffee, I spent a couple of hours looking at your website. What a
    wonderful job you’ve done! On top of all your other duties, you have time to put something
    like this together? Bless you, and thanks, so much, for what you do every day.

    Jim Shelly
    Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

  167. Jon Petersen Says:

    Your website is great. I work for the DAV as a service officer. If you or any other veteran needs assistance in VA paperwork call your local chapter. You can find them through our national website This is a not-for-profit
    Corporation and all service is free. Take care.
    Jon Petersen, DAV Chapter Service Officer

  168. Doug Torres Says:

    Words can’t express how much we are proud of everyone of your sacrifices.All of us in the USA
    appreciate what you do for us!!God Bless you and we pray for your safety!!

  169. SFC Ret. James W. McKenzie III Says:

    Many thanks for your dedicated service and this web page. Keeping
    track of your accomplishments in this manner will be of great value
    to you in the future. Thank you for your service and for protecting
    Freedom for us all.

  170. Dave Fontana Says:

    Sgt Wilkinson
    I too have just read your excerpt fron the USA Weekend insert in my Sunday paper.
    I read this and then went to the website, It has made me appreciate even more the freedom
    and comforts we have here in the United States.
    Your tributes to the fallen is very touching reminder of what those freedoms cost.
    I cannot express how greatful I am that there are great Women and Men who serve our country
    Please be safe.
    Dave Fontana

  171. Rick Carver Says:

    This is a wonderful website, I noticed the “A Female Soldier” URL in a Sunday newsmag that was in the Denver Post. After glancing thru some of the content it made me reflect, being an ole’ two tour Viet-Nam vet myself. While many brave women served side-by-side with us during the Viet-Nam era it is obviously much more common-place today, and I am sure comes with it’s own set of unique challenges. I am very thoughtful and have great respect to all of our brothers and sisters who have served, many of which have fallen. You are making sacrifices that few understand. I am sure many of you, much like I did, struggle to rationalize why we are there, but continue to serve with dignity. That is what will get you through this.

    It is great to have todays electronic media so we can stay in touch, I know from experience that hearing from someone and knowing they care can help sustain you through tough times. Being able to stay in touch with my nephew who has served in the current conflict was really great to experience. Amazing how technology has grown! This is gotta be drive’n ole’ Uncle Sam nuts because you are probably leveraging technology faster than he can understand it ;-) Heck, not sure Uncle Sam understands allot anymore!

    God bless you for the sacrifices you are making. We share a great bond between us that those who have not served will likely never understand. You will struggle and you will grow from this experience, there are those that have been there before you that will always be there for you. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Respectfully and with Great Admiration,
    Rick C. - Colorado

  172. The Chumbler family Says:

    We thank you all for what you have do us in the USA.
    We will keep you all in our prays.

    The chumbler family
    Johnny, Christy and John, Clay

  173. Mary Jo PInder Says:

    Found your site this afternoon after reading about various experiences you’ve all had while
    doing your job as protectors of our country. I am proud of you all and yet, my heart is sadden
    because you all should be home. Words cannot fully express the gratitude our family has for you
    all. May God hold you in his hands and bless you and your families. The worries we have here
    are all so silly with what you have to endure both physically, mentally and spiritually. You
    will be in our prayers now and forever. Mary Jo P. - Florida

  174. George Says:

    Read about you in Sundays USA Weekend along with several other
    military men and women.
    Enjoyed your pictures, although I did not see them all.. and the
    blogs… Brings back my days I served in VN… 196th LIB… LZ Baldy,
    LZ East, LZ West, LZ Sooner, LZ Professional on my first tour of duty
    up in the I Corps along with The Marines… and my 2d tour in Tay Nin,
    Rocket City… I retired from the Army 3/1/77… with 20 years and a
    few days…
    I think I can say for most all Retired Service Members… We Are So
    Proud of all Now Serving So Proudly!
    Thank You!
    SFC E-7 Retired…

  175. Paul W Ratsch Says:

    Your website is the best of the best!

  176. Shawn P. Canon Says:

    Alohas: Outstanding websight…..I was a SPC/4 Viet Nam Vet in the U.S. Army Aviation…1968 & 1969 Campaigns. I am presenty a Merchant Marine and was involved in 2003 Operation Iraci Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Just come home safely to your OHANA..(Family)…Plenty of Alohas,
    ……….Shawn P. Canon…………

  177. Christine Sealey Says:

    Thank you so very much for giving us (the parents of the C Co, 1-502D, 2BCT) a glimpse of the front line. Everything you do to keep us in touch with the 101st soldiers is greatly appreciated. The long hours you keep and still making the time to keep the rest of us informed is a God send. Thank you for your love of country and willingness to serve. It takes a very special person to leave their loved ones and follow the call to serve their country. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  178. Jerry Broadhurst Says:

    I just read an article in the Sunday magazine section about 4 soldiers
    s (both male and female) who shared some of their experience in Iraq.
    I wanted to contact them and start e-mail to let them know how
    grateful we at home are for their work in Iraq. I just did my first
    marathon for the American Stroke Association and I had the idea of
    running marathons to raise funds to get items for the troops in Iraq.
    Is there someone I can contact to pursue such an idea? There may be many other runners who would join in such a cause and others who would contribute financially.
    My brother Larry who is a Marine Veteran from Vietnam is doing his
    first marathon in June. I think this idea would have great appeal to
    him as well. The soldiers in the article are Cinnamon Wilkinson,
    Rusten Currie, John Upperman, and Maria Saucedo. Please let them know
    I would like to contact them by e-mail and you can give them my e-mail
    address. Thank you again for all you do. The website is very good.
    However, it is so sad to see the faces of those who paid the ultimate price
    price. I feel for those families. Jerry Broadhurst-Crete, Illinois

  179. Gary & Regina Prucha Says:

    Thank you for putting a human face on your presence in Iraq. Your website was highlighted in today’s PARADE Magazine. We pray for the troops’ safety and a successsful conclusion of the conflict.

  180. Joanne Miller Says:

    I just finished reading the words written by four very brave young people in the USA Weekend of
    the Sun Sentinal News.I wish there were some way to contact these young people to personally say
    “thank you” and to ask if there is something I, and the members of my church, can send to them
    that will help them during their stay. We pray for all of you on a daily basis and wish for your
    speedy return. You have our love and support. Again, I thank you.

  181. Joanne Miller Says:

    Dear Capt. Upperman,
    What you are doing with those children is wonderful! It shows the local villagers just how human
    and caring you young people are. I wish there was a way you could let me know if there is anything
    we can send over there to help you in your act of friendship. Do you have enough soccer balls or
    is there a need for school supplies that you can see. Anything? You and all the young people like
    you are in our daily prayers. Come home safe. Thank you for all you do.

  182. Joyce Wells Says:

    I just read the article in the USA Weekend magazine. I applaud all the soldiers protecting our country, especially thos fighting overseas. I like hearing their personal stories. You don’t see these on the everyday news. Keep up the good work. We love and support all of you.

  183. Douglas Hansen Says:

    Thank you for your service to this great country of ours. Stay safe so you can get home to your family soon.

  184. Robert Koreski Says:

    Thank to all of you beautiful soldiers. I am a 76 yr old Korean War vet
    and an extremely patiotic to our great country. My wife of 56 yrs. and I
    were 12 years old when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor and too young to be
    immediately envolved, but we will NEVER FORGET THE PATRIOTISM that the
    adults and all of our country showed. So all of you GOOD GUYS are on my list
    with the HIGHEST HONOR and ESTEEM. God be with all of you!

  185. Jim Baxter Sgt USMC WWII&Korea Says:

    Human is earth’s Choicemaker. Psalm 25:12 He is by
    nature and nature’s God a creature of Choice - and of
    Criteria. Psalm 119:30,173 His unique and definitive
    characteristic is, and of Right ought to be, the natural
    foundation of his environments, institutions, and re-
    spectful relations to his fellow-man. Thus, he is orien-
    ted to a Freedom whose roots are in the Order of the
    - from The HUMAN PARADIGM

    It was True then - still True!

  186. Dave Mosier Says:

    I was very touched by your story about beyond the yellow ribbon. I will shake a soldiers hand the next chance I have. Thanks so much for all that you do. Words can not express my gratitude. You all are truely america’s finest.
    May god bless you all.

  187. Judy L. Hager Says:

    Thank You for a beautiful website. I read about you in the USA Weekend today and I was touched by your story as well as the
    stories written about your fellow servicemen/women. I chuckled at the sleeping bag in the garage and inviting all the neighbors
    Wouldn’t happen in my garage - too much junk.
    Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and remember our prayers are with each and every one of you.
    Thank you for keeping us safe and God Bless All of You

  188. Darlene Says:

    May the Great Spirit walk with you every day & bring you all home safe.

  189. Michele Says:


  190. Manda Says:

    May the Lord protect yall, thank yall for everything, stay safe, and
    never let your spirit go down. Im proud of my brother,Marine, severed
    and everyone of yall who fights for all of our freedom eveeryday.
    Freedom DONT come Free!!!!!!
    Love manda
    p.s. love this web site.

  191. Donald M.Stafford (Pete) Says:

    Dear Friends,

    Thank you for your service to our country. I pray for you every
    Day. I pray that god will keep you safe and healthy. You are my
    heroes. I thank you for a very fine wed site.
    Keep up the good work and know that you each and one is appre-

    Your friend,

    Donald M.Stafford USAF Ret.

  192. Abby Cohn Says:

    Reading your website has been so touching for me. I read the USA Weekend article and I always read all I can about soldiers in Iraq. I’m a 45 yr old veteran and spent some time in the field in Korea. I have such emotion knowing somewhat what you are going through. I’m so proud of you and your comrades. I always read to my children about what the soldiers are experiencing - especially the good that you are doing - so they will know. Our 4-H Club has sent care packages to troops for 2 years now. The school where I work has also sent packages. You have many people here at home that pray for you and think about you every day. If you know of anyone that needs a pen-pal, they can write to my family. Or if someone needs a care package, let us know. God Bless you and your family. Abby Cohn in Ohio.

  193. Diane Says:

    He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thous shat not be afraid for the terror by night; not for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; not for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. Psalm 91:4-6

    When thou passest through the waters, I wil be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; when thou walkest through fire, thous halt not be burned; nether shall the flame kindle upon thee. Ishiah 43:2

    God Bless Each of You and God Bless Americia!

  194. Ted Mercure Says:

    Saw your story in the USA Weekend Sunday newspaper (Olympia, WA).

    What you’re doing today helps us be stronger for tomorrow.

    Thank you for your service.

    Ted M.

    U.S. Navy Submarine Service 1984-1992 (RM1/SS)
    USS William H. Bate (SSN 680)- Fast Attack.

  195. Sandy Says:

    I read about your blog in the weekend insert in the Shreveport Times
    today and I love it. I lived for many years in Orange, TX and taught
    school there many years. I have just moved to Louisiana, but I look
    forward to reading any blogs from anyone in Texas. I am a Texan and I
    love our military. Thanks for serving. Sandy

  196. Bob Harris Says:

    3-3-06 Daily News Northridge CA had you story
    I am a Viet Nam vet and my young nephew is a navy medic assigned to the Marines.
    He as had two, 9 month tours in Iraq as a forward recon unit and halo jumper/sniper
    Heck of a mo as a medic. We appreciate your chosen field of work and support you in
    your on support of our country’s mission and your involvement. Our best wishes go with you
    for a safe return to join your family.
    My wife and I would like to mail you and your friends a little “thank you” package.
    Please forward me an address for this request.
    Bob Harris
    Northridge, CA

  197. William E. Kincheloe Says:

    I enjoy reading your website. Having spent some time in the military several years ago, I understand a little of what you are experiencing. I have the utmost respect for all of the military, especially since it is all voluntary. You ladies deserve a special thanks vor claiming your place in our great military.

  198. Wallace C. Fisher Says:

    Read your blogs in USA Today insert. As a vet. that has served both in USA
    and USAF I salute you all. I fly an American and a POW-MIA flag every day for
    the vets and AD personell. Sgt Wilkinson: Just think of all the good showers
    that you can look forward to. If there is anything any of you would like li
    ke cookies,hard candy, etc. would be happy to send some. God Bless you all.

  199. steve curty Says:

    your website is awesome, tears streaming down my face, I am a proud American also.
    Ever since the beginnings of this great nation, our Armed Forces have been doing
    what you and your fellow soldiers are doing now . Thank you for paying for my freedom.
    If any of you proud Americans want to see some patriotic designs go to
    God Bless you Grey Eagle

  200. Deb Beechy Says:

    Hi Grey Eagle,

    Your personal accounts and details of life in Iraq are appreciated.
    You and all of the people in Iraq are being held in the light.

    Take care,


  201. Melynda Dodds Says:

    Read about Sgt. Cinnamon Wilkinson in Indianapolis newspaper.
    I had a cousin, Kitty Bahr, who had a daughter by name same,
    would be about the same age. I am wondering if Sgt. Wilkinson
    is my relative. I would really enjoy a response. Thank you all for
    your service and I hope you all come home safely and soon.

  202. estle Says:

    first off thanks to you all for our all rock.and i like
    the site.

  203. James Harper, SFC RET Says:

    A haunting, heartwrenching , beautiful and awsome site! Thanks for
    your sacrifice and loytalty to your God, your country and your
    fellow soldiers. If I were a few years younger, I would be there with
    you all. May God bless you and keep you, may His light always shine
    on you, and may you always know His peace.

  204. George Giltner Says:

    Stay the course. Don’t listen to the Liberal press. They are just full
    of crap. As they did with my generation of teenage soldiers back in
    the 60ty’s. They, the press, are trying their damnest to break the spirit
    of our warriors. We could have brought “Charley” to their knees, if we
    had been allowed to win. A guttless congress and the unforgiving public
    denied us Victory. HARDCORP.

  205. James Schulmeyer Says:

    A well designed website.

    I, being an ex-U.S. Army soldier, appreciate the work and hardship
    you have to endure to protect this nation. My prayers are with you.

  206. John Schusler Says:

    Just want to say thank you all. We back home are very proud of you. We think about you and pray for all of you each day. Thank again for your job well done.

  207. John Gazo Says:

    Thank you for taking the time from your busy life to keep us here in the States
    informed. I wish they would let us “retirees” take your place so those of you
    with young families could return home. We just had a soldier killed from Vt. leaving
    a wife and 4 children behind. Hopefully our politicians will continue to put
    pressure on our Administration to return ALL of you to American soil within the
    year. Stay safe. Keep us posted. Thanks so much for your sacrifice.

  208. james harris Says:

    i read an article about a female soldier sgt.cinnamon wilkinson in the ft lauderdale sun sentinel. it reminded me. of a nurse i saw that took care of me along time ago in a war my generation would rather forget, but you dont forget, not ever. i would like to thank her.sgt wilkinson and through her a nurse i never knew. She had these eyes, that when she tended to me i could tell, she cared, she reassured me and look after me like her life depended on it. Thank you for all of you but thank you to the nurses you touch lives that matter and you stay in our memories forever, God Bless you and all that serve. james harris

  209. Frank Estes, Jr. Says:

    Dear Grey Eagle,
    I hope that all will be going fine for you.

    As with the V.N.W., none of the soldiers were ever recognized for their bravery or what they did.

    I salute you as a former viet.

    Keep safe.

    Frank Estes, Jr.

  210. Jon C. Drummond Says:

    I can’t see how much it means to my dughters and I, the sacrifices we know you are all making. Stand tall, for you are doing what is right. Be safe, so we get to have you back home. As a police officer, know we all are watching things here, so you have a safe, home to return to, and your loved ones are being taken care of. You are truly a fine example of men & women.

  211. Arnold Goldman Says:

    I am humbled and awed by your commitment. Thank you for serving so that my family can be safe and free.

  212. Paul R Berlin Says:

    I want to thank you and all of the members of our armed services for your dedication to
    protecting and preserving the rights and freedoms we all enjoy as Americans. Freedom is not free. It is paid for in the blood and sacrifice of fine young people like yourself and all those who volunteer to serve our
    nation. Thank You.

  213. Peggy Says:

    Hi, I am one of the last WAC’s from the 1060s. Please don’t tell me your
    too young to know what that is! We who have gone before salute you. Your
    all doing a great job and we are behind yoou 100 percent. Especially you
    female types. This is a whole new thing for the U.S. They wouldn’t even
    let us fire a rifle when we were in. We were strictly behind the lines
    personnel, couldn’t risk one of us getting killed, we couldn’t be counted
    on to carry out a mission like a man. Not strong or smart enough for that.
    A woman could never kill an enemy. So you go, and you show them! We are
    so proud of all of you over there and our prayers are with you always.
    Don’t ever think your forgotton. We here admire you greatly and wish you
    Gods Spead and to come home safe to your loved ones. That goes for both
    males and females. Safe home,and Via Con Dios!
    Peggy The WAC

  214. Diane Says:

    Know ya’ll are supported and lifted up daily. I commend your committment
    and bravery. I know we can’t even imagine all that ya’ll must witness.
    May you feel God’s presence about you daily for comfort and strenght.
    Ya’ll are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. Sylvia Says:

    Is there a place we can send ‘care packages’ to you? If so, let me know and
    what your needs are. Thanks.

  216. Mike Day Says:

    Hi, I was just reading Sunday March 5, 2006’s newspaper and saw a picture that looked familiar. Don’t know if you remember me from class of ‘88. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the job you are doing. We will be praying for you. Take care and God Bless!!

  217. Carl Says:

    As always to the people there. We wish you a speedy and safe journey home and know that you are
    not forgotten amongst the politics. You are all making us proud. Loved the blog. Peace
    to you and your family!

  218. Lou Says:

    You go girls (and guys)!! Take good care of yourselves–I’m very
    proud of all of you and am thankful for a way to let you know that.
    Pray for you often. Please let me know if there’s anything I can
    send you or do for you from here.

  219. Dan "Tank" Harrison, MSgt, USAF (Ret) Says:

    I am 100% behind you all. Keep the faith, and place yourself in God’s hands.
    I’ve been there/done that so I know what you’re going through.
    Just remember that you are from the greatest country on this planet.

  220. Shirley Knutson Says:

    I am the Mother of a Marine who did 2 tours in Iraq. I am so very proud of all of you who serve so bravely. Semper Fi!!

  221. Rhonda Radcliffe Says:

    Keep up the good work. My son is there in Iraq for a second time.I am sooooo
    so proud of all of the men and woman in the armed forces.May you be
    blessed.Love to all….A MOM with a big heart

  222. Susan Rozar Says:

    From a retired Navy Chief, THANK YOU From the bottom of my heart. The sacrifices, the heartaches, and the joys are immeasurable. You know longer believe in the “world at your doorstep” for we have all seen it grow by the stories and tears of others. I applaud each and every one of you for allowing the world to see American Women CAN DO. You all are in my prayers. Hurry home. Kenai, Alaska

  223. Lonnie Kennedy Says:

    Great website. May God bless everything you set your hands to do.

  224. Frederick J. Dole Says:

    I really like browsing your website.

    I am an Air Force veteran and was in during the Cuba Crises, Berlin Crises and Vietnam.

    I am so proud of all of you.

    I look at my children and grandchildren, and feel that they are so lucky to have people
    like you protecting them.

    I do not know if Americans who have never served or whose family or friends that have never served really know the hardships that you have to endure.

    I want you all to know that I pray for you and wish you the best of health and hope
    you will be able to come home soon, we miss you. God Bless.

  225. John Adams Says:

    I just want to say I’m proud of each and every one of you…..the true heroes of the world..
    stay safe and get home soon….America loves you….and this New Yorker too !

  226. Michael Says:

    I would like to share the same sentiment of millions of Americans that you
    all are heroes and that you are doing one of the most noble thing in life
    to risk your own life for others and for our freedom/liberty.

  227. Helen Says:

    I am praying for everyones safe return. God Bless everyone. Helen Bowen

  228. Gina Ryan Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I am so very proud of all of our soldiers and pray that they will be home soon.
    love and support

  229. Cleone Freas Says:

    What a great website. I am so proud of
    all our soldiers, male and female. Thank
    you for your courage and conviction. We
    in our church continually pray for your
    safety and return home.

  230. Dennis M. Crowder, SFC (Retired) Says:

    Thank You for the being Soldiers.

  231. Molly Howe Says:

    First of all I would like to “Thank You” for your courage and
    commitment to fighting for our freedom. Second I would like to
    “Thank You” for this wonderful website! I really enjoyed the tribute
    to the fallen soldiers. God Bless you and everyone who is fighting
    for us all!
    Molly Howe

  232. Molly S Says:

    Hello, I wish to thank you for your contributions to the USA Weekend
    Sunday 5 March 2006 article. The recurring memorial to all of the
    fallen U.S. soldiers in Iraq andAfganistan puts a “face” on the
    names we hear each day in the news. Thank You, again!
    You may be intetested in these two posts:
    Please be safe.
    Shalom, Molly

  233. Melvin Myers Says:

    God bless all of you for carrying out the task assigned you.
    I keep you in my prayers. I thank you for insuring that the freedom
    we enjoy here at home can only be done because of the sacrifices
    that you make each day no matter where you are serving.
    Thanks again to all my shipmates.
    Melvin Myers MMC USN-Ret

  234. Kathleen Smelser Says:

    Don’t think that your job is a thankless job. It is NOT! I am so very proud
    of every single man and woman defending the United States. Because of YOU, we
    can be the country our fore fathers wanted us to be, and that is to be free,
    and fight for what we believe to be the truth.
    God Bless every one of you.



  236. Joan Christine Weiss Says:

    I think what you are doing is just great. Thank you. Come home safe.

  237. Missy Blankenship Says:

    Great job! I found your blog thanks to the USA Weekend in our local newspaper.

    Putting Friendship to Work for You,

    Missy Blankenship, Director-Sales and Marketing

    Mobile: 540.325.3060 Office: 800.777.9586 Fax: 540.434.1407
    801 Friendship Drive, Harrisonburg VA 22802-4566

    Mail Management and Fulfillment /
    Contract Packaging and Manufacturing /
    Government Contractor CAGE Code 7S327 /
    International Sourcing & Importing Services

  238. Roger L. Brown Says:

    I read about this blog in the Chicago Sun Times, March 5, 2006.
    Reading the Stories of 1st Lt. Currie, Sgt. Wilkinson, Capt. Upperman
    & Cpl. Saucedo created a vivid “flash back” for me from more than 30
    years ago. I served 2 tours in Viet-nam and had not thought about the
    hardships that were endured for quite a while now. Reading your
    articles brought back so much, for a brief moment I could smell, hear
    & taste Nam. My thoughts are with you. God Bless you & all Veterans.
    I’m very proud of you and can’t thank you enough for your service.
    Come home safe & enjoy among other things, a long luxurious shower.

  239. Mona Pack Says:

    It is an honor, and privillage to tell each and everyone of you how
    proud you make all of us. I am a Vietnam veteran, my father a Pearl
    Harbor Survivor, with a sister, and 3 brothers who served as well.
    Thank god we live in a country bound by freedom, with people like your
    selves who, no matter what, know that what they are doing is for this
    great country.

    There is no way I could express my gratitude for what you are doing
    and sacrafices that are made on a daily basis by all of you, that
    allows us to live in a free country. God holds a special place in
    his kingdom for each one of you for what you have given to so many.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart
    Mona Pack
    Long Beach Ca

  240. pamela somers Says:

    Thank you, Thank you, thank you for all of you courageous people who work for our freedom. I love you all and want you to know that you all are in my daily thoughts and prayers. God bless you everyday in your work. I am humbled by your responsibilities to this country and admire you and your families. I will always try to live my life the best I can be in thanks for all of you and your families sacrifices. In total and continued admiration
    A Friend.

  241. Mike Charton Says:

    I found this in the USA Weekend session. Great blog I was deeply impressed. I am glad with modern technology you folks can post this sort of thing.
    Variety Views.
    Yes There is an Arizona

  242. Sylvia Says:


    The soldier stood and faced God,

    Which must always come to pass.

    He hoped his shoes were shining,

    Just as brightly as his brass.

    “Step forward now, you soldier,

    How shall I deal with you?

    Have you always turned the other cheek?

    To My Church have you been true?”

    The soldier squared his shoulders and said,

    “No, Lord, I guess I ain’t.

    Because those of us who carry guns,

    Can’t always be a saint.

    I’ve had to work most Sundays,

    And at times my talk was tough.

    And sometimes I’ve been violent,

    Because the world is awfully rough.

    But, I never took a penny,

    That wasn’t mine to keep…

    Though I worked a lot of overtime,

    When the bills got just too steep.

    And I never passed a cry for help,

    Though at times I shook with fear.

    And sometimes, God, forgive me,

    I’ve wept unmanly tears.

    I know I don’t deserve a place,

    Among the people here.

    They never wanted me around,

    Except to calm their fears.

    If you’ve a place for me here, Lord,

    It needn’t be so grand.

    I never expected or had too much,

    But if you don’t, I’ll understand.

    There was a silence all around the throne,

    Where the saints had often trod.

    As the soldier waited quietly,

    For the judgment of his God

    “Step forward now, you soldier,

    You’ve borne your burdens well.

    Walk peacefully on Heaven’s streets,

    You’ve done your time in Hell.”

    ~Author Unknown~

    It’s the Soldier, not the reporter
    who has given us the freedom of the press.

    It’s the Soldier, not the poet,
    who has given us the freedom of speech.

    It’s the Soldier, not the politicians
    that ensures our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    It’s the Soldier who salutes the flag,
    who serves beneath the flag,
    and whose coffin is draped by the flag.

  243. Ann Schultz Says:

    USA Week-end did a good job doing a story on this website. After reading about it, I logged on
    and read and read. Wow,what a close up look at what women are going thru every day overseas! Thanks
    for giving me a chance to be in contact with someone over there. I had wanted to reach out but didn’t
    know where to go.

  244. FormerSubSailor Says:

    Cinnamon,…I am bookmarking this site and will continue to follow your posts. God Bless.

  245. Marcus Sorgatz Says:

    I read about your blog in USA Weekend and have it bookmarked. Great job! I thank God daily that there are still a few men and women left in this country that are willing to fight for it. I also pray for the safe return of you all.

  246. Robert E Tull Jr Says:

    I wish to say to all of the female soldiers that are putting their
    on the line, that some of us Americans do not approve of the way
    are being handled by the leaders of our country. But war is war, and
    believe that can handle it better than the men and women on the ground
    and in the skies. Let the military make the decissions for gods sake.
    I was in the U.S. Army from 1963 to 1966. If i was in better shape
    like i was then, I would have volunteered my knowledge, that the
    Military taught me. Not because of what the President decided but
    for the people of Iraq. Now let us get in and really be allowed to
    fight this was as i shoould be. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  247. E. Clark Says:

    I found this thru the newspaper with some photos. It is a good sorce for me as I am one of the costumers on a T.V. show. “NCIS” We strive to have the correct uniforms and all the rest that goes along with it. Thanks for the photos.

  248. Morgan White - Dallas, TX Says:

    All of you are so very brave to go overseas, leave your family and friends and fight for our freedom. My newphew is in Bagdad right now leaving his wife with 3 sons (one a newborn). We all look forward to the day that you can come home and be with your families again. God Bless You!!!

  249. Gerry Hittinger Says:

    As an ex Air Force officer (Viet Nam era) I salute you. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  250. John Brennan Says:

    Once again the world expects the U.S. Soldier to bear the burden of protecting us all from
    dictatorships and extremism. Once again the brave U.S. Soldier is not found wanting.
    Those European countries who are naieve enough to think that it will never happene to them
    should look at Madrid and London.
    Here in Ireland, an island on the edge of Europe, next parish Boston, we have had our fill
    of bombings, shootings etc. However even we can see what is happening in the world and realise
    that if you do not confront extremism head on all will suffer.
    I wish Gods blessings on all Americian troops around the world.
    God bless them and their families

  251. Lance Says:

    Thank you !
    Thank you !
    Thank you !

  252. Linda Hall Says:

    Thanks for all you do. The sacrafices you make are many, they are greatly appreciated and you will be rewarded at the end of your journey. God Bless All Of You!!!

  253. Joy Says:


    I was a Medic during the Vietnam War and became a nurse after getting out of the Navy.
    I read with interest the article in the Parade and was very suprised to find all the
    information and the faces of the fallen. It makes this war real and I wish every person
    in the USA could see your site. It is hard being a female in what is perceived as a
    man’s war. I don’t believe in females being on the front line, but I know there isn’t a
    line that can be drawn in this war, and I know that female bleed and die the same as the
    men. Your job is greatly needed - continue to serve with pride and I wil pray for your
    safe return home!

  254. ZHU Says:



  255. Allan Blount Says:

    This is my view of a MilBlog and I am over whelmed. Stories are very touching,as well as the listing of fallen female
    and male soldiers. Keep up the great work, both over there and with the blog.

  256. Mrs.Billie Southard Says:

    Your website is great. I am so grateful for all you do. I pray that
    God will keep you and your fine family safe from all harm. We are so
    proud of you. God bless you.



  258. dwaine c schneider Says:

    I thank you so much for sharing with us. It means so much to me.I pray for you as you come to mindand some times it is numerus times a day .

  259. steveffeo Says:

    You rock and are what is great about this country. As a former soldier Army 63b20h8
    I can tell you my thoughts and prayers are with you and all the soldiers.
    Gods speed in comming home be safe and be well.

  260. Granny Fran Says:

    Recently became a blogger and found yours because of USA Weekend article. You have one of the best blogs I’ve seen; thanks for sharing with us. The photos of fallen female and male soldiers is so touching. God Bless You and all your comrades and your family. Just got word that my neighbor’s daughter was injured when a mortar was fired into her quarters where she was resting. She is back at Fort Carson recuperating and will be home to visit soon. We live just about 35 miles from Colorado Springs so her family can visit her there. She is with a military engineers group that finds and detonates explosive devises. Thank you for being there to help the injured soldiers.

  261. Lois McCormick Says:

    Thank you for the chance to tell these wonderfull young ladies how proud we all are of the great job they are doing so far from home. God Bless all of you.

  262. mary louisa joseph alvardo Says:

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into you private thoughts.
    Having served and having been separated from family (husband included)
    one of the most difficult thing to do is board an airplane that is taking you away from everything you love and would to cling to in the middle of the darkest night. I can only imagine how much worse it was being on that plane that was taking you into a war zone. It was bad enough going into the “cold war zone” and living in a world where you personal vehicle or military vehicle could blow up at a moments notice. I did not have people shooting at me and it was bad enough when we when on alert because of the then Soviet military crossing into NATIO airspace. What I feared you lived though. My thanks for your dedication to duty and service to our country. The pictures of fallen female soldiers is important. People do not realize that MEN AND WOMEN soldiers are dying and wounded everyday in service to their country. As veterans we are different from other American women, our sense of reality and we are the better for it.
    Maybe I’ll see you around the VA one day. Thank you again and God bless you and keep you and you family safe in his arms

  263. Amber Eberhard Says:

    I came acrossed your site today and I wanted to stop for a second and tell you
    thank you for what you have done and continue to do. My fiance’ has just
    returned from Afganistan so I understand how much your family misses you.
    I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    You appear to be a very strong and courageous woman, please remain
    safe and know that the job you are doing is appreciated. Thank you again. God

  264. Glenn in Colorado@Peterson AFB Says:

    I just have to say this is a great site. What an inspiration the two of you are. This site is truely an honorable memorial and dedication to the soldiers fighting and those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom. Not everything you hear these days about Iraq is good, but you have given some honor, humility and hope in this web site. Keep it up and get home soon, safe and sound. The best to both of you.

  265. Joyce Higgins Says:

    My daughter just showed me your wonderful web site. Thank you so much for the great pictures . She and I have been sending care packages to soldiers fron the 101st since the war bergan. Our respect and admiration increases daily. God Bless you all. Joyce Higgins, Redondo Beach, CA

  266. Vince Coccaro Says:

    GREAT WEBSITE !! God bless you and ALL of your fellow soldiers. I am a Viet nam vet and I have a son in Iraq. Thank you ALL for keeping us free. Please do not let the negative
    stuff coming from “liberals” and the main stream media get to you !!
    MOST AMERICANS are 100 % behind you. We are praying for ALL of you.
    God bless and keep.

  267. SFC Dennis Wilburn Says:

    This is a great website! You have done a great job with it. I was with the 101st for the
    initial deployment to Iraq. I was with 63rd Chem. Co and our platoon primarily supported the
    2nd BCT. It’s a shame to see how many men and women that have died for a cause I’m not so
    sure anymore is worth it. I had to leave Fort Campbell shortly after getting back because I
    really didn’t want to deploy again with having nearly 20 years in the Army. I made a website
    dedicated to those that paid the ultimate fight for their country. It was a project for my
    college class. Here is the link if you care to see:

  268. Faye & Russ McDonald Says:

    As usual late at night I go to your site to see what is new at Warrior. Our adopted 101st unit is also stationed at your FOB and we are so very proud of them and all of you who serve our Country so proudly. I hope that all of America knows that Freedom is not Free and it only will stay free as long as we have Soldiers such as yourself and others who serve.

    God Bless and Keep you safe.

  269. dwaine c schneider Says:

    cant read the post in here, there is one over the top of other. is this some sabotage again

  270. Megan Says:

    thank you for having a website like this. My friends are all
    stationed at Fort Campbell and have been deployed with 2-44 since
    April. Sites like this make them feel a little bit closer to home.

  271. Beverly Says:

    Thanks for all you do. The Alpena,MI CRTC hears many stories about the
    heroism of you all. Stay safe.

  272. Dave Ferencz Says:

    I think about you guys everyday. Looks to me like you’re
    winning this thing everywhere except the nightly news. Such
    is life. The insurgents wouldn’t be blowing up mosques if
    they felt they were winning. They are smart enough to know
    there is a HUGH downside to such action in the Moslem world.
    Be careful. Don’t take any risks than aren’t necessary.
    Thanks for putting up with the heat, cold, bugs, dirt,
    danger, boredom, etc, etc., etc.

    Dave Ferencz

  273. Online dating tip Says:

    I love this site! My very best wishes to its owners!

  274. Phentermine Says:

    OoO! Nice site! I juuust LOVE it! Found it rather interesting and useful, you know:)

  275. Donna L. Finney Says:

    I am the mother of a 101st soldier also and as I was reading through this site I felt tears well up in my eyes. Your website is very
    overwhelming. Keep up the good work and To all the Troops-Please Stay Safe!!!!!!!!!!!
    Donna Finney
    (Mom of Sgt. Cross)

  276. CPL Hurkman, Alisa Says:

    Thank you for this very important page. You are wonderful for doing this. I a recruiter for the Army and volunteered for three deployments, i was denied all three. I have such deep respect and love for those who are still there and for those who fell while over there. My thoughts and prayers go to our brave and enduring soldiers every night.
    My deepest thanks and gratitude go to you for doing what you can to keep all ove us informed and included.

    CPL Hurkman, Alisa
    US Recruiting
    Redding, CA

  277. Nancy Hardesty Says:

    What a wonderful site. We are all so PROUD of you and everyone over there. You are in our hearts
    and prayers everyday, wishing for everyones safe return home. We will visit this site everyday
    now that we have found it.

    God Bless You,
    Nancy and Shannon

  278. Diane Says:

    Great site. I just found it through a link on the soldier support site
    I haven’t read everything yet, but have put it in favorites. It will probably be visited by
    more of us from BFS. Thank you and stay safe.

    Diane in Maine

  279. Michelle M. Says:

    I am also a BFS volunteer. Great site. This is why we love to support our troops.
    Let us know at BFS if we can send you anything. Stay safe.


  280. JEAN CAPOZZI Says:


  281. Sylvia Says:

    Smile and know that we all love ya’ll and so does God!
    Keep the faith and know your support here in the U.S.

  282. Mark Says:

    Dear Grey Eagle,

    Thank you - Thank you - Thank you
    and all those you are serving with.

  283. Rob Ballantyne Says:

    A huge heartfelt thank you goes out to you for your service. Good luck to you and all serving around you and come home safe!

  284. Ralph Hogan Says:

    Grey, Loved your website!! I served in Vietnam 68-69 US AirForce.
    I still have flashbacks when I hear a jet engines or helicopter….
    So keep your CHIN-UP and your tour will soon be a thing of the past
    I’m proud of your service for our Country! I feel each and every person should serve at least two years for the Country.

  285. tracy Says:

    grey you have a great website, keep up the good work, most of us are all with you guy’s, i wish you the best of luck, tracy

  286. Lori Says:

    Your website is amazing and it truly touched me to see it something like it. It really gives me
    first hand experience on what i may expect. I just joined the Army National Guard 2 months ago and
    I’m very, very excited about serving! Good luck and be safe.

  287. Nancy Says:

    Just wanted to say this is a really good site. its a good way for the ones we have lost to get here stories out there and to be remembered. my heart goest out to everyone that is serving and having to go over there. i wish you and everyone the best of luck and hope to see everyone home safe and sound and soon. Please keep the website up ppl need to see this its real and its real ppl who are giving up there lives just so we can still live ours. God Bless You All!

  288. Donald Lazarus, SR. Says:

    Hi Grey Eagle and thank you for your service to our great country. We live in
    the greatest country in the world and wonderful people like you are helping
    to keep this country great.
    I served during the turbulent years in the 1960 decade and my son is serving
    in Iraq today. He is a Batalion surgeon serving south of Baghdad.
    Please know that I and many others appreciate your efforts and pray for the
    safe return of all of our Military serving outside our countries borders.
    Stay as safe as possible and know that you have my complete support.

    Thanks from Jonesboro, Louisiana
    Donald Lazarus

  289. RODOLO TORRES Says:


  290. SSG Kushma, M Says:

    GREAT website. I truly love what you have done on here. Please continue this Blog and continue to be safe out there.

    Air Assault
    3-101 Avn

  291. Bill Carrell Says:

    Let me begin by saying, Thank you all.
    Having spent a year at FOB Warrior 7-2003-2004, I have a real appreciation of what you go through on a day to day basis. Remember that just because some folks don’t take the time to thank you or comment when they have the opportunity doesn’t mean they have forgotton you. Keep up the great job you’re all doing, take it one day at a time, remeber your God and you will be fine, regardless of what happens outside the wire.

  292. Joe Says:

    One day the world will understand you liberated an entire culture. In its own willing
    blindness some can only see today. You’ve touched tomorrow and changed the world forever.
    Be proud of who you are. Write me if I can help in any way.

    Know that we love you.

    AF 11390953

  293. Tim Wise Says:

    Thank you, Grey Eagle, for your courage and bravery. If you need a pen pal, feel free to write.

  294. T Jones Says:

    I read your Memorial Day entry. Very well written and moving for us states side citizens. Thanks to you and all your buddies for your service to and defense of our country. Your sorrow and our sorrow for those who have fallen or been hurt is beyond description. I hope we here at home measure up to that which challenges all of us.

  295. 6pence Says:

    Please know that avast majority of Americans are eternally grateful to our men and women serving in the armed forces.

    God Bless you, and all of your comrades, Grey Eagle.


  296. Prowling (Steve) Says:

    Thank you for doing what needs to be done, Grey Eagle, and for doing what so many of us aren’t willing to do. God Bless You. I’m going to put link to your site on the message board I post at. Again, you have my gratitude.
    (Prowling because I’m a Carolina Panther fan, not because I’m some stalker)


  297. Paula Rice Says:

    I just spent an emotional hour reading thru some of the articles. It makes me stop and think that I must on a daily basis pray and thank you all for protecting me. Not just quickly do this but really really pray and realize that without you our freedoms and comforts would soon be gone. People really die for me everyday, I must be special. Therefore you are special!! Thanks for reminding me, I have alot more to be grateful for,YOU. I will be adding this site onto my blogroll. Come see me.

  298. SFC D Says:

    If I had a daughter, I’d want her to look up to heroes like Grey Eagle and all the Soldiers that contribute to this blog. I admit it, sometimes it is hard for old guys like me to adapt to female soldiers in a combat zone. You’re an inspiration to all, male or female. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and an occasional tear to my eye.

  299. SSG Beatrice Pietropaolo Says:

    Just came across this site, havn’t had time to get through it all, but I like what I’ve seen so far. I am an OIF III Veteran, I served in FOB Speicher, Tikrit Iraq. I was on an 18 month deployment, Jun 04 thru Nov 05 with the 50th MSB, 42ID. It’s been almost 7 months since I’ve been home, but sometimes I still feel like I’m only on leave from there.

  300. Kathy Kelly Says:

    I have just read about the blogs that soldiers from Iraq have to keep the public, friends and family updated on what is going on in Iraq. I have never checked out a blog before and when I started investigating, I came upon yours.

    I proudly support all our troops over in Iraq. You guys are doing a wonderful job over there. Unfortuatly the press doesn’t report all the good our soldiers do for the people of Iraq, not just in the field but on your own time.

    I will let others know of this site so they can see how our soldiers are really doing, especially our women troops.

    Thanks for all you do and God Bless and keep you safe.

    Kathy Kelly

  301. Spc Adam Burris Says:

    I am an American Soldier I spent 2 years in Afganistan I am still in the gfuard I will be till I die I took my oath and Stand by it no matter what the cost for us we know what
    the cost of sacrific and our consiquence that is Endured and face it with Heart

  302. Gerald Underhill Says:

    Grey Eagle, it makes no difference what the slanted news agencies and papers are saying, most of the American People are with you and are supporting our troops!! Keep this web page going, let us, who believe in the President of the United States of America, George W Bush and his efforts to combat terror and take it to them is the correct way to go. We have enough Hanoi Jane’s, John’s and Nancey’s in Washington DC to fill the world!!! A three some who would like to cut and run.

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